Sunflower Van


Sunflower Van : Introducing our vintage minivan with large yellow sunflowers PNG download. This nostalgic design captures the essence of hippie wanderers drifting and driving into a happy, chilled life. Imagine adorning your space with this unique artwork, reminiscent of carefree road trips and bohemian vibes.

The vibrant sunflowers add a pop of color to any room, while the vintage minivan evokes a sense of nostalgia. This digital download allows you to instantly incorporate this charming design into your DIY projects, whether it’s creating a poster, printing it on a t-shirt, or using it as a backdrop for your creative endeavors. Embrace the free-spirited energy of the wanderers and infuse your space with a touch of boho bliss.

You are more than just a customer to me; you are a friend. My Customized Cool Hero designs are sure to please you and those around you.

You are valuable to this store, please rate our products and tell your friends. If you want to have a custom design made, that is also possible with a slight difference in cost. Don’t forget to follow us on IG: digital_hero_14

By downloading this Print Ready Digital download Png file, For Black Garments, you acknowledge that the digital file is for the use of your own internal production of garments / similar products. You can sell whatever you make, but you are not allowed to sell or share these digital files. Please respect these terms of trade.

How it works:
-Download files
-Smile and enjoy

No refunds or cancellations. Please reach out for help if you encounter any problems.
Using this image is for less than 100 applications. Should the consumption be higher than that Qty, it will be deemed as commercial use, and you will need to contact the admin of the store to confirm use of such.

This digital file is print ready for Dark garments for White Toner printing and DTF printing. This image has been rasterized for black substrates (halftone) with line and holes. Download consist of .png files – 300dpi

Please note this design will only work on Black Substrates.


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